Judge grants Thanksgiving release for two Gambino soldiers, citing lack of recent violence

November 21, 2023 By admin Off

A veteran Brooklyn judge will release two reputed Gambino soldiers on bond in time for Thanksgiving, suggesting that the current generation of mobsters are not as violent or dangerous as in the past. Federal Court Judge Frederic Block agreed to release Diego “Danny” Tantillo and Angelo “Fifi” Gradilone on bond almost two weeks after they were charged in a violent plot to control the city’s carting and demolition industries. They are expected to be released once their bonds are finalized. Block said, “in the past we would let murderers out on bail;” he also mentioned that the younger mafioso aren’t killing people these days. The judge questioned why they should be held while other members of the conspiracy were released on bond. He continued, “I just don’t see where this thing rings the bell with me.” Tantillo is accused of demanding years of extortion payments and prosecutors alleged that he sent underlings to attack one victim with a hammer and to light the steps of another victim’s home ablaze. Gradilone, on the other hand, is accused of getting a no-show job as part of the racketeering conspiracy. Block sentenced the late Gambino boss Peter Gotti and has implied his familiarity with the character of mafiosos. Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Roddin tried to argue that both men were part of a racketeering conspiracy that had violence as its goal, which Tantillo’s lawyer, Andrew Weinstein, disputed. The defense attorney and the prosecutor agreed to $5 million bond for Tantillo and $1 million for Gradilone. Block plans to release them the day before Thanksgiving.