Cozy Up in Style: Shop the Best Wool Coats for Fall on New York Daily News

November 13, 2023 By admin Off

Warm, timeless and stylish, a wool coat is the perfect outer layer for when the weather starts to cool down. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and tailored or draped and contemporary, these coats come in various styles, colors and price points. Investing in a quality wool coat means you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years. Layering will affect how your coat fits, and considering this is important when choosing a size.

Coats made from 100% wool keep you very warm as wool is a great insulator. They are also antimicrobial and more stain- and odor-resistant than wool blends. On the other hand, wool blends tend to be more affordable and less itchy. The warmth of wool-blend coats varies depending on the percentage of wool used and the kind of wool in the fabric. While wool is famously water-resistant, it isn’t waterproof, and a wool coat shouldn’t be worn on rainy days. Coats made from 100% wool almost always need to be dry-cleaned as well.

For women, a classic camel topcoat, sleek knee-length coat, or a two-toned draped coat are all stylish options. For men, a wool-blend peacoat, a single-breasted overcoat, or a wool bomber coat are great choices. Want to shop the best products at the best prices? Check out Daily Deals from BestReviews.