Columbia University to Notify Robert Hadden’s Patients of Sex Abuse Ahead of Lawsuit Deadline

November 13, 2023 By admin Off

Columbia University Set To Notify Thousands Of Serial Sexual Abuser’s Patients
After years of delay, Columbia University agreed to notify nearly 6,500 of ex-gynecologist Robert Hadden’s patients about the sexual abuse he committed, following his conviction in January on federal charges. The university has announced that these actions will include sending letters to his patients within the next 72 hours but victims only have around a month left to file a state lawsuit before the statute of limitation under the Adult Survivors Act closes on Nov. 23. In a written statement, Columbia University officials expressed deep regret and assured that several measures will be taken and a $100 million settlement fund will be created for the victims, with the help of a lawyer. Not all details were provided regarding the conditions needed to access the fund. Evidence showed that Columbia was informed of Hadden’s abuse in 1994, but no action was taken until his arrest in 2012. Despite being fired in 2013 and the subsequent investigation, the doctor was only sentenced to 20 years in federal prison in July. Columbia’s announcement also mentioned that they are starting a third-party investigation, establishing a website for Hadden’s survivors, and launching a center for patient safety at CUIMC.