Alan Wake returns in highly-anticipated sequel, reigniting focus on narrative-driven gaming

November 14, 2023 By admin Off

I’ve played plenty of horror video games, including Until Dawn, The Evil Within series, and the Resident Evil games. However, I’ve never had to stop playing a game just 10 minutes in, until I started Alan Wake 2. The opening moments of Alan Wake 2 are in a green-gray world, walking uncertainly around with no clothes except your hairy back. The extreme horror factor of Alan Wake 2 has captivated gamers since the game’s release. In this game, developer Remedy Entertainment proves that a game can excel with storytelling and mood as its backbones.

Alan Wake 2 arrives on a gaming landscape that increasingly gravitates towards multiplayer games instead of story-driven experiences, but Remedy maintains steadfast in its story-first approach. The developer discussed the challenges and ambitions behind the game, focusing on storytelling and creating a Remedy Connected Universe experience that can be enjoyed by both returning and new fans.

The game developers also mentioned the technological advancements in the gaming industry that allowed them to create a more complete experience with higher-fidelity visuals. They emphasized creating a psychological horror story where players have control over the pacing and the game provides an interactive storytelling experience.

The developers of Alan Wake 2 also drew inspiration from modern horror revivals in games and movies, such as the Resident Evil remakes and the film, Hereditary. They emphasized the importance of creating an atmosphere as the foundation for horror in the game.

Despite the dominance of multiplayer and replayability in the gaming industry, the developers expressed their excitement for creating story-driven games. They believe that the industry is big enough to support multiple types of games and see a future for narrative-focused experiences in the gaming world.