Kristaps Porzingis Sets the Record Straight on Desire for Solo Spotlight in NBA Career

November 14, 2023 By admin Off

Former Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis rebuts the idea that he only ever wanted a team of his own and says it was a narrative that was falsely pushed. Porzingis believes that the NBA is now a guard league, and it was never an issue for him to play with somebody. He shared his new perspective on life and his role on a stacked Celtics team while still relishing the opportunity to play against his former team, the Knicks. He credits New York’s defensive game plan against the pick-and-pop for the hot start against his old team. Ironically, Porzingis, who is now playing for Boston, was a big contributor to the Celtics’ 114-98 win over the Knicks on Monday. He had a game-high plus-19 in 33 minutes and scored 21 points. His impact has been valuable as he fits seamlessly into his new role as a third or fourth option on a true contender in Boston.