UNLV Shooter’s Mysterious Letter and Final Will Found in Apartment

December 8, 2023 By admin Off

UNLV gunman Anthony Polito sent 22 letters to universities across the country before his attack, and one contained an “unknown white powder substance.” Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill discussed Polito’s background and revealed that the 67-year-old shooter armed himself with a 9mm handgun and 11 magazines. It’s unknown how many rounds Polito fired, but nine loaded magazines were found on him after the shooting. The gun had been legally purchased in 2022. Investigators believe Polito, a semi-retired college professor, had been struggling financially and had applied for jobs at multiple higher education institutions in Nevada but was rejected each time. In one intercepted letter, detectives found a mysterious white powder substance. Police found what they believe to be a “last will and testament-style document” in Polito’s apartment. When asked if Polito had further plans for violence, McMahill explained that the gunman may have been headed to the student union after beginning his shooting spree at the university’s business school. University police are working with local partners to provide additional security measures for their campus and other nearby schools like Nevada State University.