Top Contenders: Potential Replacements for Rep. George Santos

November 28, 2023 By admin Off

Rep. George Santos’s time in the House of Representatives may be coming to an end, and the focus is already turning to potential successors. Democrats and Republicans are preparing to compete for the Long Island swing seat in the event that Santos steps down or is expelled. A special election would likely be held to fill the seat, creating a rare open competitive congressional seat with control of Congress at stake, with Democrats modestly favored given the district’s voting history. Candidates would be selected by local party committees rather than through primary elections. Several early contenders for the seat have already emerged from both parties.

On the Democratic side, potential contenders include Austin Cheng, Anna Kaplan, Scott Livingston, Will Murphy, Tom Suozzi, and Robert Zimmerman. Suozzi, a former congressman who represented the district from 2017 to 2023, is considered a frontrunner but has faced criticism for abandoning the seat to run for governor. On the Republican side, potential contenders include Kellen Curry, Greg Hach, Daniel Norber, Mazi Malesa Pilip, and Mike Sapraicone.

Overall, the race for the open congressional seat in Long Island is already shaping up to be highly competitive and will be closely watched in the coming months.