T-Mobile Faces Lawsuit Over Employee’s Theft of Customer Nudes from Phone

November 18, 2023 By admin Off

A T-Mobile employee is accused of stealing explicit images from a customer’s phone during a trade-in transaction. This incident is similar to at least eight previous lawsuits against the company, which highlight its failure to safeguard sensitive consumer data. The lawsuit, filed in Washington State court, alleges that T-Mobile customers have regularly reported instances of retail store employees stealing their intimate videos, explicit photos, and bank account information. The suit detailed one victim’s experience at a T-Mobile store, where an employee allegedly sent nude images and a sex video to himself via Snapchat. When the victim returned to the store, staff initially denied the trade-in, until mall security and local police found her old phone in the back room. The T-Mobile manager allegedly refused to help the victim and demanded payment to access the old device. The employee responsible for the theft was charged with first-degree computer trespass and disclosing intimate images.