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Insight for November 18, 2023

Making room for self-assertion is necessary. As the Sun conjoins Mars in Scorpio at 12:42 am EST, our desires are strong, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get what we want! The Capricorn Moon then joins forces with Pluto, so we might not be above using emotional displays to overturn resistance. After Luna shifts into Aquarius, we each need space to do our own thing.


Someone might currently be using emotional manipulation to wield power over you. You may feel like you have a duty to defer to their desires. As the Sun meets Mars in your 8th House of Shared Resources, keep in mind that they may know what they’re doing. Conceding on practical points could be necessary to move forward.


Your passion for your beliefs is likely over the top at present. While the Moon fuses with Pluto in your 9th house, you may be convinced that you have the right to make someone else agree with you on an important issue. Try to treat the other person how you would want to be treated.


You’ve got energy to work hard. Beyond the union of the Sun and Mars in your 6th house, you’re also motivated by a burning desire to prove a point to someone else. Make sure your efforts have other redeeming qualities.


A longing to express yourself could make you face a harsh truth about one of your ongoing close relationships. As the Moon meets Pluto in your partnership zone, your suspicion that your disclosure would throw the other person into a dramatic meltdown is probably a bad sign. You don’t have to push for a separation, but don’t fight against that possibility, either.


Clearing unneeded clutter could make your living space much more comfortable now. Getting your ego out of the way should let you do the best job possible. Embrace the opportunity for grounding — your intuition should be powerful once you give it a chance to flow.


Giving the world a piece of your mind could seem urgent today. As the Sun and Mars unite in your communication sector, you may not care who’s offended when you start spewing — after all, you’re just telling them the truth! Inventory your own flaws before you move on to anyone else’s.


Making more money could be a high priority for you now. It’ll be important to separate your actual financial needs from your emotional insecurities. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good — do the math to find out what’s truly necessary to achieve a reachable goal, then strive for that.


Portraying a consistent image to the world could be challenging today. Acknowledge your resilience — that’s the missing link.


Identifying what you’re really angry about may be difficult today. Zoom out instead of getting lost in the details.


You may be eager to expand your social network at this time. Avoid using your emotions in an insincere way to lure in prospects. The right matches will not need all the theatrics.


Fear of success could be holding you back right now. The more honestly you acknowledge their existence, the less they’ll sabotage your efforts.


An organization you belong to could be dragged down by drama at the moment. You’ll probably need to acknowledge the existence of that gap before you can start making a serious effort to close it.