Shocking Video Captures Driver Crashing Into Colorado Mall and Making Bomb Threat

November 15, 2023 By admin Off

The Pueblo Mall in Colorado was the scene of chaos on Tuesday as a man drove through the mall’s entrance and into the food court, claiming there was a bomb in his car. The suspect was taken into custody, but not before causing panic and commotion in the mall.

Video footage captured the dramatic scene as law enforcement tried to stop the vehicle in the parking lot, only for it to drive directly into the mall. Another video posted on TikTok showed the chaos inside the food court as the suspect was being arrested, with the suspect yelling about a bomb and threatening to “blow up the mall.”

The Pueblo Police Department evacuated the area, and thankfully, no injuries were reported. The suspect did not provide a reason for his actions, leaving the motives for the incident unclear.

The Pueblo Metro Bomb Unit responded to the scene, but as of Tuesday evening, details about the initial “active shooter incident” that led to the crash and arrest were still unknown. The investigation continues as authorities work to understand the events that unfolded at the Pueblo Mall.