Shady Brooklyn Moving Company Workers to Stand Trial for Allegedly Defrauding Customers of $3M

December 5, 2023 By admin Off

The Brooklyn moving company empire allegedly stole about $3 million from customers and extorted them for additional fees, keeping their belongings hostage. Former sales manager Kristy Mak and sales rep Andre Prince are accused of committing wire fraud conspiracy, targeting over 800 victims. The mastermind, Yakov Moroz, fled to Israel after jumping bail in January. Moroz and his associates, operating under various company names, offered low estimates to clients but then increased the prices once the moving process began. Clients were threatened with storage and auction of their possessions if they did not pay. The suspects violated federal laws by providing inaccurate estimates and misrepresenting their companies’ information. Two other suspects pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy, while Moroz’s assistant, Tal Ohana, was indicted in 2020 but only pleaded guilty to obstruction and received a two-year probation sentence.