Jamie Foxx Breaks Silence with First Public Speech Since Hospitalization

December 5, 2023 By admin Off

Jamie Foxx made a surprise appearance at the Celebration of Cinema and Television event in Los Angeles on Monday, marking his first public appearance since experiencing a medical complication in April. The health scare made headlines as it reportedly required hospitalization and several months of recovery. During the event, Foxx received the Vanguard Award and expressed gratitude for being able to walk onstage without assistance, joking about rumors of him being cloned. He also shared an emotional and humorous speech, emphasizing the value of every minute and encouraging others not to give up on their art. While he did not directly address the nature of his medical issue, his daughter revealed that he was rushed to the hospital while on the set of a project in Atlanta. Foxx expressed a newfound respect for life and art following his ordeal.