Reviving the Jewish Defense League: A Necessary Step for Community Security

November 13, 2023 By admin Off

The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is calling for a revival. A recent incident at the University of Michigan has highlighted the need for the organization. “Kill the Jews” posters hung on campus for a week, and protests called for the annihilation of Israel. Despite this, the university’s response focused more on other forms of oppression, claiming that Jews are privileged, making it difficult to confront anti-Semitism. This perception is problematic, especially when it comes to international incidents involving Israel, such as the recent terrorist attacks and hostage situations.

The JDL, founded in 1968, aimed to protect Jews from anti-Semitism. At its height, it had 15,000 members, but over time it was associated with violence and ended up on an FBI watch list. Nevertheless, the need for such an organization is evident as anti-Semitism continues to rise, particularly on college campuses and in major cities like New York. A new JDL could combat this by confronting extremists on both ends of the political spectrum and defending Jewish identity.

It’s time for American Jews to stand up and defend themselves, much like the original JDL did in the 1960s. The resurgence of anti-Semitism demands a proactive response, and a new JDL could provide this by standing up, speaking out, and defending Jewish lives and Israel itself.