Revitalizing the BOC: A Vision for Reform from a Former Leader

November 27, 2023 By admin Off

The New York City Department of Correction’s (DOC) problems have led to calls for federal receivership, despite potential temporary solutions. In addition to receivership, changing the Board of Correction (BOC) is necessary for long-term reform. The BOC, which was first established in 1957, lacks enforcement powers and is under-resourced. The board’s minimum standards are outdated, and it lacks the ability to update them strategically. Additionally, BOC has limited oversight over the entire DOC budget. It is also subject to political influence from the mayor, and oversight from the city’s Office of Management and Budget. A Charter Commission with a criminal justice mandate could recommend City Charter amendments to address these issues and strengthen the board. Both the receivership and the BOC need reform to create a lasting impact on the jail system in New York City.