Pressure on FDNY Chief to Approve Turkish Consulate Despite Safety Concerns, Alleges Lawyer

November 16, 2023 By admin Off

An FDNY chief felt he would lose his job if he didn’t press for approval of an inspection at the new Turkish consulate building, even though the fire safety system wasn’t functioning, his lawyer told the Daily News. FDNY Chief Joseph Jardin, who is suing the FDNY, has been questioned by FBI investigators looking into allegations that the Turkish government funneled illegal foreign cash into the mayor’s campaign. The circumstances surrounding the opening of the Turkish consulate in 2021 have become a focus of the investigation. Jardin, 61 is now part of a sweeping ageism lawsuit against FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh and the FDNY, claiming the new commissioner and her team targeted Jardin and others “because they were at or near the age of 60.” An FDNY spokesman dismissed Jardin’s allegations, said Thursday that internal department emails show “there is nothing to suggest that the FDNY was pressured to do anything improper.” Speaking to reporters Tuesday about his 2021 outreach to Nigro, Adams characterized it as him doing his job as then-Brooklyn borough president. When the first fire inspection failed, Jardin was asked to send in new inspectors, Walden said. But Jardin couldn’t file that document since the entire alarm and sprinkler system hadn’t been fully installed, Walden said. A fire alarm system status summary filed with the Department of Buildings from Sept. 17, 2021 that was shared with the Daily News indicates that five circulation fans in the building that were supposed to shut down if a fire erupted didn’t, and could potentially accelerate the spread of a fire through the building.