New York City’s Budget Reimagined: An Overview of the Latest Updates

November 16, 2023 By admin Off

Mayor Adams and his team have been predicting additional fiscal challenges for months, and now those cuts are being realized. The detailed plan includes citywide budget cuts that will impact residents of New York from the police to the sanitation department.

The New York Police Department plans to reduce its workforce by about 13%, cutting the number of officers from 33,500 to 29,000. The cuts are expected to immediately affect the number of police academy classes, saving the city over $788 million in the next four years, according to officials.

The Fire Department will also see reductions in overtime spending, while the EMS budget will be cut by $20 million. Light-duty employees within the FDNY may face termination if they don’t apply for approved medical accommodations.

Sanitation department changes include a reduction in trashcan pickups in city streets and a freeze on civilian hiring. Additionally, popular programs such as community composting are being eliminated or delayed.

City libraries will see deep cuts, with Sunday service being reduced and a significant decrease in funding for books, programming, and maintenance.

Meanwhile, public school students are expected to suffer as the Department of Education faces a $2.3 billion cut over the next four years. Mid-year budget cuts are expected to impact 653 schools, leading to larger class sizes and damage to school communities.

The Summer Rising program is also expected to see cuts, with middle school students being particularly affected. Additionally, CUNY’s Cultural Corps program will be paused for a year, and some pre-K and 3K seats will be eliminated.

Finally, city-run health programs like the Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division will be put on hold, saving the city $1.9 million each year.