Opinions on Horse Abuse Charges, George Santos, and Cuomo’s Ambitions: What Readers Are Saying

November 20, 2023 By admin Off

Ryder’s case sheds light on the carriage-horse issue in Forked River, N.J. A year after his collapse, the owner faced a judge. Ian McKeever, the carriage driver, worked Ryder to exhaustion in the heat, then whipped him as he lay in the street for over 45 minutes. Ryder was euthanized two months later after living a miserable life as a Central Park carriage horse for an unknown number of years. Ryder’s owner claimed he was 13, but a vet showed he was nearly 30, suffering from starvation and a host of medical ailments. Last week, McKeever and his lawyer, Raymond Loving, entered the courthouse laughing. Loving claimed it was a “political hit job,” saying “It’s politicized.” Giving a horse food, medical attention, and even the tiniest compassion has no political tie — it’s a humane necessity. Christina Hansen, the carriage horses’ spokesperson, claimed any horse that trips and falls is well-cared for. But Ryder didn’t trip, he collapsed. It’s time the mayor of New York City stops ignoring these majestic animals and shows them mercy.

New York City Mayor Adams announced budget cuts due to the influx of asylum seekers. These cuts are expected to affect education, the Fire Department, the Sanitation Department, and the NYPD. This worries a 74-year-old concerned about the cuts to the NYPD and FDNY, which affect lives and education. The mayor must find a solution that doesn’t put anyone in danger and maintains education standards.

Additionally, New York City Mayor Adams speaks of the budget cuts due to the migrant influx as if he was only a spectator. The mayor and the Biden administration are heavily involved in the decision to take care of asylum seekers. There is concern that New Yorkers will pay the price for these actions.

Also, a city police officer was pummeled by two attackers and was freed without bail, but this was not considered newsworthy. This must be addressed better.

In conclusion, there are individuals who are battling drugs and alcoholism and should not be judged unfairly, such as the case of actor Matthew Perry. Each person may have their own struggles, and it’s important to have empathy and understanding. No one should ever fight addiction alone or be shunned for it.