Opinions from Readers: Thoughtful Disagreement, City Budget Cuts, and Health Care Liability

November 19, 2023 By admin Off

Citizens with differing viewpoints must engage in debates, not ridicule, attacks and cancel culture. A healthy democracy requires genuine and educated passion for social and political issues. The First Amendment encourages free speech and intellectual combat for opposing opinions, as intended by the Founding Fathers. Hatred and divisive actions towards differing beliefs do not unite society. In addition, religious beliefs must encourage people to do good. Unfortunately, hate against Jewish people, funded by certain middle eastern countries, still exists. Arab countries like Iran and Lebanon, in addition to communities in the West, have celebrated violence against Jewish civilians. College campuses and free expression rights have been utilized to spread propaganda that further divides society. A more dignified public conduct of elected officials and responsibility for one’s actions is needed. Trimming budgets on public safety and education poses potential problems. Libraries provide economical sanctuaries for individuals and should be open on Sundays. Lastly, New York City spending over $8 million on studies while cutting funding in other essential areas presents a perplexing situation.