NYC Agency Streamlines Casino Application Process to Reduce Red Tape

November 28, 2023 By admin Off

The Department of City Planning introduced a measure on Monday which it says will cut red tape for casino applications in New York City. However, critics argue that community boards would be left out under the new measure. The action, was quietly filed by DCP which said it will streamline city and state processes. City Planning Commissioner Dan Garodnick said it would create an even playing field for casino facilities aiming to bring economic benefits to New York City. The measure would streamline review and allow state-approved casinos to be developed without conflicts with zoning or duplicating the state’s lengthy licensing process. A committee consisting of the governor, mayor, and local electeds will review each gaming facility application based on the site’s location and hold public meetings, unlike the city’s land use mechanism. Critics argue that the text amendment does not address the environmental impacts that the casino would have, and is too thin on specifics. Moreover, there are concerns about the text allowing developers to include related establishments such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and theaters in the approval process. The measure is set to be considered by community boards and borough presidents next, culminating with a City Council vote.