New York Daily News Presents: Daily Insights for November 22, 2023

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On November 22, 2023, our fantasies show what we don’t want. The sensitive Moon unites with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. The Sun then shifts into exuberant Sagittarius at 9:03 am EST. Venus opposes Chiron, drawing attention to memories of past failures. After Luna steps into Aries, we can thoughtfully choose how to move forward.

Aries: A frustrating dynamic in a close relationship could be grating. Traveling alone may not solve the problem. Work on yourself and see if things improve later.

Taurus: Accepting help may challenge you. Letting others in isn’t necessary to prove your worth. Address your personal anxieties and find ease.

Gemini: You may feel torn between peer approval and pursuing happiness. Confide in someone for a reality check before committing to a path forward.

Cancer: Family drama may weigh on you. Focus on satisfying the physical needs of your loved ones. Don’t bury your head in the sand if someone must speak their piece.

Leo: Expressing yourself may feel burdensome. Help others by validating their concerns. Safe topics may not always be necessary for happy conversations.

Virgo: Spending time with family may be appealing, but concerns about sharing resources may arise. Seek the truth and enjoy the dynamic if it’s supported by facts.

Libra: Attracting extra attention may awaken fears of connection. Enjoy the present moment without worrying about the future.

Scorpio: Putting your finances in order is a priority. Stay open to all available options and don’t let your beliefs about work get in the way.

Sagittarius: Defining who you are becomes an urgent question. The Sun moving into your sign gives you a chance to shift the narrative.

Capricorn: Positive recognition is possible. Honor the complexity of your past experiences and how they contribute to your current success.

Aquarius: Your optimistic beliefs may not be what a struggling friend needs to hear. Just listen and be there for them without feeling the need to fix everything.

Pisces: An offer you receive may tempt skepticism due to a desire for autonomy. Ask questions to make the best decision possible.