Voices Speak Out: Ceasefire, Rangers Coverage, and Rosalynn Carter

November 22, 2023 By admin Off

Put an end to killing and focus on creating peace, not violence Los Altos, Calif.: It is critical to call for an immediate stop to the violence and to prioritize humanitarian efforts in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Ruth Ben-Artzi, the niece of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, recently emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire and the release of hostages held by Hamas. Ben-Artzi, a political science professor at Providence College, joined hands with Rhode Island rabbis, Jewish leaders, and Israelis to demand a halt to hostilities in Gaza. She stressed that a ceasefire is the only way forward to a sustainable solution. Ben-Artzi wisely pointed out that military actions cannot resolve the conflict and highlighted the need for a political resolution. She rightly stated, “Finding a political solution is the only way for the roughly 7 million Jews and 7 million Palestinians living between the river and the sea to achieve lasting peace.” The Biden administration’s continued supply of weapons to the region, prioritizing political gains over the safety of innocent civilians, is deeply concerning. The only way forward is an immediate ceasefire, the restoration of essential amenities crucial for supporting life, the lifting of the siege on Gaza, and an end to occupation. It is crucial for world leaders to prioritize the lives and well-being of civilians over political gains or military actions. We must work towards a ceasefire, ensure humanitarian aid reaches those in need, and earnestly pursue a sustainable resolution for peace in the region. Jagjit Singh Counted as not counting White Rock, British Columbia: Perhaps Israel and Westerners, including our legacy news media, have grown accustomed to a high number of Palestinian deaths over many decades of Palestinian/Israeli warring. It seems that Palestinians have long been treated as though they are not as valuable as those living in Israel. Frank Sterle Jr. Rechristening Elizabeth, N.J.: Perhaps, just as professional sports teams’ names were changed to adapt to new times, colleges should be renamed to reflect the new character of leading elite schools: From the River to the CCNY (RCCNY); New York Useless University (NYUU); AOC Columbia University (AOCCY); Cornell Palestina University (CPU); Cooper Union of Omar and Tlaib (COUT). There will be plenty of opportunities for elite professors who spread false narratives that undermine American traditions of truth and justice. These newly named schools would fit today’s dominant landscape of America. Joel M. Glazer Team on ice Staten Island: Did the Daily News sports department forget that New York has a hockey team — a winning one? I am a big Rangers fan and a Daily News fan. Right now, the team is a Cup contender with the third-best stats in the NHL. They just finished a great road trip. But no mention of them from start to finish in the sports section — only football, basketball, women’s college basketball, and even articles about the Yankees and Mets not signing Daniel Vogelbach. I am a Mets fan, but this is hockey season and the Rangers are hot. It almost makes me want to switch to the Post for the sports. At least they recognize that it’s hockey season and that the Rangers are the team for N.Y. right now. Mark Tarasiewicz Not fan-friendly New Windsor, N.Y.: The Yankees management continues to deceive the fans into believing they want to improve. The new batting coach was the assistant batting coach for the Detroit Tigers, whose team batting average was .236. Meanwhile, the new Mets manager, Carlos Mendoza, was the bench coach for a Yankees team that finished two games above .500. He told the press he desired to bring the Yankees hitting philosophy (analytics) to the Mets. The fans can hardly wait. These are two examples of how deceptive the Yankees are to their fans. A Voicer wrote about the need for fans to boycott the games. This is not enough. Yankees fans need to stop watching the YES Network and no longer purchase Yankees merchandise. These are the places Hal Steinbrenner makes his real money. Do you truly believe a billionaire like him cares about the average fan? The only thing he cares about is his bank account. Gregory Van Den Berg Where credit is due Newton, N.J.: Rep. Jerry Nadler (“N.J. can’t block congestion pricing,” op-ed, Nov. 19) misses one important fact: New Jersey would support congestion pricing if motorists received an equitable credit for the tolls paid on the Port Authority crossings. But New York won’t support that because they want all the cash they can squeeze out of Garden Staters. So, Nadler can blather and threaten and then nothing gets done, or a fair agreement can be reached. What do you want, Jerry? Michael Schnackenberg Farewell, first lady Manhattan: A sad farewell to Rosalynn Carter / A lady of gentleness and dignity / A loving wife, an activist / A former first lady who exemplified service, kindness, and sensitivity / Mrs. Carter worked tirelessly / She was President Carter’s cherished advisor and advocate / Sat in on cabinet meetings / She was thoughtful and compassionate / She championed humanitarian issues / Was soft-spoken and dedicated / A woman of faith and decency / Her legacy will be celebrated / She served as an emissary / Testified before Congress / Worked to destigmatize mental illness / I am inspired by her, I must confess / She was awarded the Medal of Freedom / Built houses for habitat for humanity / Fought the fight for women’s rights / Had a warm and welcoming personality / So rest in peace, Mrs. Carter / We thank you for your devotion / As a grateful nation says goodbye to you / Our hearts are filled with pride and emotion. Phoebe Celentano Big baby Fort Worth, Texas: As I watched Donald Trump basically thumb his nose at the judge’s gag order during his current trial, he looked more like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum than a former president of the United States. Even if he isn’t found guilty and sentenced to prison, I think at the very least he should have to stand in a corner (like a naughty child) and be forced to apologize for sexually assaulting multiple women, for cheating on his taxes, for stealing classified documents, and for trying to overthrow our democracy. I’m afraid Trump might be stuck there for weeks, maybe years, trying to find and apologize to the 1,000 children who lost their parents after he permanently separated them at the border. Sharon Austry Good vibes Bronx: Kudos to the Daily News for its comics section, it alone is worth the $3 I pay. Living in a divisive and hate-drained country and in a world filled with suffering, especially of the children, your comics section provides me with moments of humor and joy. I believe that it is partly responsible for my longevity and good health. I look forward each day to relaxing with a cup of coffee and laughing at many of your comic strips. Gilbert M. Lane Push for action Woodside: To Voicers Valerie Costa and Debra Maddalena, who criticized the comic strip “Mutts” featuring Guard Dog, saying it was too sad for them: This is a syndicated strip by Patrick McDonnell, whose website’s slogan is “Our mission is to inspire empathy and compassion for all living beings.” Referred to as junkyard dogs, guard dogs, or even backyard dogs, they are sentient beings who suffer. It is beyond cruel to leave dogs chained outside, regardless of weather. Dogs have died in blizzards because their owners didn’t care. New York State has no laws to address this. Some states have laws to prevent such cruelty. California is one. Please reach out to your elected representatives, City Council, state Senate, and Assembly, and ask them to support laws that would prohibit such cruelty. Marie Richardson Pick us up Whitestone: Enough, I can’t handle ending my comics page upset. We all hope that the little girl or someone will rescue Guard Dog, but it’s taking too long! We need a little happiness in our daily lives. Too much sadness. Yes, we need a happy ending! Marlene Torino