Media Outlets Condemn High Number of Journalist Casualties in Gaza During Israeli Bombing Campaign

December 5, 2023 By admin Off

Almost as many journalists or media workers have been killed in Israel’s two-month-old war on Hamas as died during the 20-year-long Vietnam War 50 years ago, according to the latest tally by journalism organizations. On average, one such worker is dying daily in the war that started Oct. 7 after Hamas launched a terrorist attack on southern Israel from the Gaza Strip. The International Federation of Journalists and other organizations on Monday raised alarm about the shocking death toll after fighting resumed following a temporary ceasefire. “In a war, you know, a classical war, I can say that in Syria, in Iraq, in ex-Yugoslavia, we didn’t see this kind of massacre,” said Anthony Bellanger, general secretary of the International Federation of Journalists. “Unfortunately, we received the bad news this weekend — after the end of this cease-fire — and at least three or four were killed.” Of the journalists confirmed dead as of Monday, 56 were Palestinian, four were Israeli and three were Lebanese, CPJ stated. Last month, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) accused Israel of “eradicating journalism in Gaza” after 10 reporters were killed in just three days. Those who remain are undeterred. “They lost their families and they continue their work,” said Nasser Abu Baker, president of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate. “They are without houses and they continue their work … Without food, without the security for them, without their families. Also, if their families are still alive, they are not with their families because they are living or sleeping in the hospitals.”