Legal Team Launches Defense as Don Jr. Prepares to Testify in AG Fraud Trial

November 12, 2023 By admin Off

Donald Trump Jr. is scheduled to testify on Monday as the defense team begins their case in the fraud trial against former President Donald Trump. The trial, taking place in Manhattan Supreme Court, involves accusations that Trump, his adult sons, and the Trump Organization swindled banks, insurers, and others by inflating their worth and the value of their assets to boost profits and secure better loans. The presiding judge has already ruled that Trump, his company, and other defendants are responsible for fraud, leaving it up to the trial to determine the amount they must pay and the potential for barring them from operating in the state. The defense team plans to focus on the culpability of the Trump Organization’s former outside accounting firm and their former outside account in an attempt to deflect blame. Donald Trump Jr. had previously appeared in court as a witness for the prosecution but will now be questioned by his own legal team. The defense’s case is expected to last for about five weeks.