Jury Hears Testimony of Actor Jonathan Majors’ Alleged ‘Cruel and Manipulative’ Abuse of Ex

December 4, 2023 By admin Off

Jonathan Majors has been accused of violently manhandling his ex-girlfriend after he was caught texting another woman, and then continuing to attempt to manipulate the situation in his favor. The incident reportedly occurred when his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari grabbed Majors’ phone and saw a text from another woman as they were riding home from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Following the altercation, Majors was found uninjured when arrested at his Chelsea apartment the following day, while Jabbari suffered a broken finger and a bloody gash behind her ear. Perez described that Majors aggressively dealt with Jabbari and caused injuries as he tried to grab the phone from her hand.

Moreover, the prosecution alleged that, three months later, Majors filed a counter complaint claiming that Jabbari was the aggressor in the situation, although the case was dismissed by prosecutors. The defense, represented by attorney Priya Chaudhry, argued that it was Majors who was injured and fled the scene in fear; however, the evidence may suggest otherwise, with security footage capturing Majors shoving Jabbari into the back of a car.

Chaudhry claimed that the case was simply a dispute between two people and an emotional reaction by a jealous ex who was upset about their breakup. She highlighted that one person had sustained injuries and had to seek refuge in a hotel, while the other spent hours dancing and drinking in a club after they separated following the altercation.

The defense is also likely to rely on testimony from a driver who witnessed the incident and is expected to support their claims. The bitter contention between both parties and abusive events throughout Majors’ relationship is expected to be a focal point of the trial.

Majors, who has pleaded not guilty, presented an image of himself as innocent, and with the support of his girlfriend Meagan Good, he arrived at the courthouse with a bible in hand.

The trial, which may decide whether Majors will face misdemeanor assault charges, is set to encompass a range of evidence and testimony with the case receiving widespread media coverage.