FBI Investigating Adams’ Campaign for Alleged Role in Expediting Turkish Consulate Opening in NYC

November 13, 2023 By admin Off

Following his victory in the city’s 2021 Democratic mayoral primary, Eric Adams contacted the head of the FDNY and pushed for the opening of the Turkish consulate in Manhattan despite safety concerns at the building, as confirmed by a source familiar with the matter to the Daily News. Adams’ outreach to then-FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro is under scrutiny by federal investigators as part of a public corruption probe into allegations that the mayor’s campaign conspired with the Turkish government to funnel illegal foreign cash into the campaign’s coffers. As part of the probe, FBI agents seized Adams’ electronic devices and raided the Brooklyn home of his top campaign fundraiser. The 35-story glass tower consulate, which serves as the headquarters for the Turkish government’s diplomatic operations in the U.S., faced delays due to safety hazards, including glass panels breaking and problems with the building’s fire safety system. Despite these concerns, Adams, who was then Brooklyn borough president and Democratic nominee for mayor, urged Nigro to allow the Turkish government to receive a temporary certificate to operate the building. The building opened in September 2021, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the opening ceremony, stating that the skyscraper showcased Turkey’s “increased power” on a global scale. Adams has not been formally accused of any wrongdoing, and his campaign provided a statement from the mayor asserting that corresponding with government agencies was part of his job as Brooklyn borough president, and that he will continue to cooperate with investigators.