Defense Calls on Experts to Testify in Trump’s NYC Fraud Case

November 14, 2023 By admin Off

Steve Witkoff, chairman and CEO at Witkoff, a real estate developing and investing firm, testified as an expert witness for the defense team in the former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan fraud trial. Witkoff claimed property valuations are more an art than a science. However, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Witkoff would only be allowed to testify about the 40 Wall Street property. Witkoff spoke about his yearslong friendship with Trump and his expert testimony was done without pay. State Attorney General Tish James accuses Trump, his adult sons and the Trump Organization of exaggerating the worth of their assets in order to secure better loan deals and boost their bottom line. Judge Engoron ruled before the trial that the defendants were liable for the top count of fraud. The trial will determine if they are liable on the remaining six counts and how much they must pay in damages. The AG’s office moved to block Witkoff, two other expert witnesses, and accounting expert Jason Flemmons on the grounds that their testimonies would be irrelevant given the judge’s pre-trial ruling. On Tuesday, Trump lawyer Chris Kise argued that fraud requires intent, which had not been proven by the court. Steve Witkoff’s testimony was a part of Donald Trump’s defense in the Manhattan fraud trial.