Brooklyn Ex-Con Admits to Robbing ‘Bling Bishop’ During Sermon

November 14, 2023 By admin Off

A Brooklyn ex-con, Say-Quan Pollack, pleaded guilty to robbing the flashy clergyman, “Bling Bishop” Lamor Whitehead, during a videotaped Sunday sermon in 2022. Pollack admitted to the heist in Brooklyn Federal Court and could face a maximum 20-year sentence, though his deal allows for an appeal to go higher than 7¼ years. He previously backed out of a plea deal causing the judge to issue a stern warning. Pollack’s criminal history includes a 2016 armed robbery that landed him behind bars for five years.

Whitehead was delivering his live-streamed sermon when three masked bandits stormed in and took over $1 million in jewelry from the bishop and his wife. Whitehead’s legal troubles started stacking up after the robbery. In September 2022, a former parishioner accused him of fleecing her out of her life savings. He maintains that he was set up and believes he was arrested because of his ties to Mayor Adams. The FBI is probing allegations that the Turkish government funneled illegal cash to Adams’ campaign.