Critics Blast House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Budget Plan

November 13, 2023 By admin Off

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s unconventional proposal to avoid a government shutdown drew sharp criticism over the weekend. There are signs, however, that it may still pass. Johnson, a California Republican, wants to fund some government agencies until Jan. 19 and others until Feb. 2, an unusual approach dubbed a “laddered” continuing resolution. Both hard-right lawmakers and the White House bashed the idea. The White Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed Johnson’s proposal as “a recipe for more Republican chaos and more shutdowns — full stop.” Under Johnsons’ “laddered” approach, funding for veterans programs, transportation, housing, agriculture and energy would be extended until Jan. 19. Bills covering areas including defense and diplomacy would be extended until Feb. 2. If no deal is reached, a government shutdown begins this Friday. Hard-right lawmakers have signaled they’re willing to work with Johnson as his speakership gets underway. House Speaker Mike Johnson is caught in the crossfire. Johnson’s proposal is under fire from all sides, but he maintains that it is the right move.