Actress Jenna Ortega supports Melissa Barrera after controversial pro-Palestine social media posts resulted in firing

November 25, 2023 By admin Off

Jenna Ortega supports Melissa Barrera after controversial ‘Scream’ firing
“Scream” star Jenna Ortega is standing by co-star Melissa Barrera, who was removed from the film franchise after posting about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Ortega, who reportedly left “Scream VII” due to her commitment to the Netflix hit “Wednesday,” initially liked a post summarizing Barrera’s situation on Instagram. The post came from an account that supports Palestine, prompting speculation that Ortega’s departure was a show of solidarity. However, the meta-horror hit’s studio, Spyglass Media Group, clarified that Barrera’s firing was not due to her support of Palestine, but because her comments were considered antisemitic. Barrera had referred to Israel as a “colonized land” and its offensive as “genocide and ethnic cleansing,” as well as raising issues about the media’s portrayal of the conflict. Despite the controversy, Barrera continues to speak out about the war.