Yankees GM Brian Cashman Speaks His Mind

November 11, 2023 By admin Off

When Brian Cashman decided to address old family business in a profanity-laden tirade on Tuesday, it was clear that his words would make headlines. During his hour-long outburst in the Arizona desert, the Yankee GM served up a banquet of expletives, including phrases like: “But I think we’re pretty f–king good, personally,” and “They’re just throwing ammunition and bulls–t.” In the aftermath, some in the media questioned whether the organization would distance itself from Cashman’s language. Michael Kay, the TV voice of the Yankees on YES, expressed concern, saying, “You cannot tell me what Brian did yesterday is good for the Yankee brand.” However, the Yankees brand has withstood worse in the past, showing that Cashman’s human outburst is not catastrophic. In contrast, other sports executives in New York, such as Knicks president Leon Rose and Jets coach Robert Saleh, have been evasive with the media, leaving fans and reporters frustrated.

As for Cashman, his verbal attack was a risky move that could have consequences for both himself and the Yankees. The media will scrutinize every move the team makes, and the GM’s words could be used against him in the future. Despite this potential fallout, Cashman’s unscripted outburst showed that he is human and has a heartbeat, in contrast to other evasive sports executives in New York.

In other sports news, former Mets manager Buck Showalter may return to television, with Fox considering him for a role in their baseball coverage. Aaron Rodgers’ routine of throwing a football at Jets games has led some to speculate on a possible comeback, although ESPN radio host Chris Carlin does not believe it will happen. Meanwhile, SiriusXM has introduced a new streaming app, and sports personalities like Pat McAfee, Mark Sanchez, and Adam Silver have made recent headlines for their opinions and actions. Finally, Joshua Dobbs’ unexpected performance as an aerospace engineer turned quarterback for the Vikings earned him the “Dude of the Week” title, while Bill Simmons’ premature labeling of quarterback C.J. Stroud as a “bust” earned him the “Dweeb of the Week” title.