Yankees GM Brian Cashman Content with Giancarlo Stanton’s Position

November 17, 2023 By admin Off

Brian Cashman has cleared the air with Giancarlo Stanton. The original words from Cashman dating back to Nov. 7 were not intended to poke anything at Stanton. Cashman said, “We try to limit the time he’s down. But I’m not gonna tell you he’s gonna play every game next year because he’s not. He’s going to wind up getting hurt again.” Stanton’s agent, Joel Wolfe, recently responded to Cashman’s original words, insinuating that playing for the Yankees requires you to be made of Teflon, mentally and physically. Brian Cashman reached out to Stanton and Wolfe this week and feels that everything is in a good spot. In the end, Cashman has a lot of respect for Joel and, more importantly, for Stanton. Despite his history of lower-body injuries, the Yankees still value Stanton as a player.