Voices Speak Out: Gaza’s Falling Debris, Destruction, and Cuomo’s New Allegations

November 30, 2023 By admin Off

In Elmsford, N.Y., Paul Yannolo made a complaint about the frequency of New York building wall inspections. However, he was proved wrong as incidents of falling bricks have occurred in the city over the years. The call for regular inspections of building façades began in 1979 after a fatal incident involving falling masonry. Meanwhile, Bradley Tusk feels Mayor Adams has failed to improve the city. The opinion is that Mayor Adams may cause the city to spiral down further. Voicer Nick Di Pasquale used a well-known song from “West Side Story” to express his hope, but also indicated that the current season may be over. Additionally, various viewpoints regarding a columnist’s statement on a Black woman and President Biden were made by different readers. Meanwhile, a reader lashed out at Robert De Niro for his speech at an awards ceremony. The reader criticized De Niro’s focus and performance in recent years. Another reader commented on a cartoon regarding compassion for the mentally ill, suggesting that it was referring to President Biden. A reader expressed dissatisfaction with the Daily News’ coverage by calling attention to Israel being described as “ravaged.” The reader argued that the description was inappropriate compared to the suffering in Gaza. In New Jersey, another reader questioned why critics of Israel were not taking advantage of a cease-fire to help those in Gaza. Furthermore, a reader reacted to a voicer’s comments about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, offering a different perspective on the ongoing conflict. In Texas, a reader criticized the lack of balance in reporting allegations against Andrew Cuomo, calling for a proper investigation. Another reader in Manhattan praised the call for the swift deployment of non-polluting energy while expressing disappointment in the failure of wind farm development in New York.