UNC shooting suspect, Taileli Qi, deemed incompetent for trial

November 27, 2023 By admin Off

Accused University of North Carolina shooter Taileli Qi ruled unfit for trial and will go to mental health facility after two evaluations. Qi, 34, charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting associate professor Zijie Yan. Yan was also an academic adviser for Qi in the Applied Physical Sciences department and the two had co-authored research papers together. Qi was taken into custody three hours after the shooting and is being held without bond. Orange County Superior Court Judge Alyson Grine said a second evaluation indicated that Qi likely has schizophrenia, and is “unable to understand court proceedings, comprehend his situation and assist in his defense.” Qi meets criteria to be committed to a mental health facility. Before his death, Yan expressed concern about the mental health of an unnamed student who was experiencing delusions and other symptoms of severe mental illness. Qi was referred to Central Regional Hospital in Butner, about 28 miles northeast of Chapel Hill. If his condition improves, doctors at the facility will have discretion to recommend to prosecutors that Qi can face trial.