UN Reports that Nearly All Hospitals in Northern Gaza Are Out of Service

November 14, 2023 By admin Off

The ongoing Israeli military campaign has severely impacted the healthcare system in Gaza, with just one hospital remaining operational out of 30 in northern Gaza. The lack of power, medical supplies, food, and water, combined with constant bombings and fighting, has forced hospitals to close down. At Al-Ahli Baptist, the last operational hospital in the region, resources are running low and surgeries are being conducted without anesthesia due to the depletion of supplies.

The situation at al-Shifa hospital, the largest medical facility in Gaza, is particularly dire. It was forced to shut down over the weekend, resulting in the deaths of numerous patients. The hospital’s manager described it as being under a “blockade,” with corpses unable to be buried and dogs beginning to eat them.

The violence in Gaza has resulted in over 11,000 deaths and is causing a humanitarian crisis. The Israeli military has intensified its offensive, leading to concerns about the safety of hospitals and the well-being of displaced citizens. While Israel claims that Hamas is using medical facilities as military strongholds, Gaza health officials and Hamas deny these allegations.

The grim situation has caught the attention of world leaders, including President Biden, who has expressed concern about the fighting near Gaza hospitals. However, the ongoing violence continues to pose a significant threat to the people of Gaza and the already strained healthcare infrastructure in the region.