Tragic Fire Claims Two Lives in Harlem Brownstone: FDNY

November 25, 2023 By admin Off

FDNY officials and police said Saturday that a fire tore through a Harlem brownstone, killing two men. The two victims remained unidentified Saturday morning. Two other building tenants were taken to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and other minor injuries. The cause of the blaze was still under investigation Saturday morning. “I was at the hospital when one of them died,” said Jesus Sierra, who was hospitalized after inhaling lung-fulls of smoke as he escaped his ground floor apartment. A firefighter pounded on his door to alert him, Sierra said. He exited his apartment through the back yard and saw the firefighters hosing down the building. Sierra, 66, an Army vet who works at a local veteran hospital, was allowed to return to his apartment to collect his belongings. “I got the presents I bought for somebody,” he said. “All of my stuff is dry, but the corner of my apartment is filled with water. And there’s a lot of stuff they broke. “I’m shocked,” he said, recalling his near-death experience. “Imagine coming home, laying down and then you have a fire? Now I gotta find a place to stay.”