Touchdown Talent: The Jets’ skill in scoring and drafting quarterbacks

November 18, 2023 By admin Off

The Jets are struggling to score points as they head into their game against the Bills. They have only five passing touchdowns for the season which is less than every other team. The Giants have scored 11 touchdowns, indicating how poorly the Jets are performing offensively. They only have eight total touchdowns in the nine games they have played. It has been six weeks since they scored their last passing touchdown. The Jets have been unable to find success in their offensive game and have even considered kicking field goals as their best strategy to win games. The Arizona Cardinals went for five games without scoring a passing touchdown, similar to the struggles the Jets are currently facing. This lack of offense has resulted in the Jets being ranked last in the league for offensive touchdowns per game. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has expressed the importance of the Jets scoring a touchdown to improve their situation. The team’s defense has been strong but the offense is in dire need of improvement. Fans are growing impatient and are anticipating a positive change in the upcoming game against the Bills. Overall, the Jets are eager to improve their offensive performance to avoid a disastrous season. There is hope that the situation will improve if the offense can start scoring more touchdowns.