The Controversial Relationship Between Doctors Without Borders and Hamas

December 5, 2023 By admin Off

The impartiality of Doctors Without Borders has been called into question, with allegations that the organization is a propaganda mouthpiece for Hamas. A leader of the group was interviewed by CNN and parroted Hamas lies about Israeli attacks, denying the truth about Hamas using human shields. This denial flies in the face of documented evidence from a NATO report that Hamas has been using human shields since 2007.

Not only is Doctors Without Borders refusing to acknowledge this reality, but the organization’s leaders are also making bigoted and mendacious claims on behalf of Hamas. The same is true for UNICEF and UNRWA, who demand ceasefires by Israel without acknowledging the hostages held by Hamas or the victims of Hamas atrocities.

Additionally, allegations have emerged that UNRWA has celebrated Hamas massacres and hidden hostages to prevent their rescue by Israeli forces. The U.S. government funds these organizations under the false assumption that they are neutral and serve all people equally on humanitarian bases, when in fact they serve only Hamas.

These organizations are accused of helping Hamas carry out its dirty work and are causing harm to Israel and the victims and hostages held by Hamas. It is proposed that thorough investigations should be conducted by the media and Congress into these organizations’ receipt of funds and the manner in which those funds are spent. The public deserves to know the truth about these groups and their activities.