Texas Judge Grants Abortion Approval for Woman with Endangered Fetus

December 7, 2023 By admin Off

A rare exemption has been granted to a Texas woman for a fatal diagnosis for her 20-week-old fetus, challenging the state’s strict abortion ban. The ruling, expected to be challenged by the state, was made by State Democratic District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble. The woman, Kate Cox, has been given permission to terminate her pregnancy, but the timeline for this action is uncertain. Cox has gone to the emergency room multiple times since August due to the diagnosis, which would require an emergency C-section if the fetus’ heart stops beating. Cox’s situation has drawn attention to the restrictive abortion laws in Texas, which have been met with controversy. Cox is represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the successful challenge to the ban is being called unprecedented. The state of Texas has passed strict anti-abortion measures, which have been upheld by the Supreme Court. Despite the ban, over 16,000 women had abortions in the five months leading up to its enactment.