Subway Enthusiast Ejected from MTA Training for Trespassing Accusation

November 24, 2023 By admin Off

A former MTA cleaner with a passion for trains was removed from a subway train operator training class after being found trespassing on NYC Transit property. John Dooley, 34, was recognized by MTA officials due to his previous arrest for trespassing at a Brooklyn train yard where he was photographing decommissioned subway cars. He was terminated from his position as a cleaner in 2017 after being caught trespassing onto subway tracks. Dooley, known for his enthusiasm for trains, claims that his termination was due to a misunderstanding. In 2022, he was arrested at a Brooklyn rail yard and charged with criminal trespass, weapon possession, and possession of stolen property. Despite his passion for trains, Dooley’s actions have led to his banning from NYC Transit properties, and he was removed from the train operator training class.