Shooting at Smoke Shop near Celebrity Hotspot Leaves Teen Injured

December 7, 2023 By admin Off

A shooting occurred at a smoke shop on Third Avenue and East 61st Street where a teen was reportedly shot on Wednesday. According to police, surveillance footage showed about six individuals inside the Smile Smoke Shop when two of them attempted to jump over the counter. An employee then discharged a gun, resulting in one of the individuals in the group falling to the floor. The shooting was reported to the police around 6 p.m., and the injured individual was led out of the shop by his companions and left to stagger down the block before collapsing outside a nearby movie theater. Fortunately, two men in the same building came to his aid. The 15-year-old victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Police sources said that they were searching for smoke shop employees who may have fled the scene, and it was unclear whether the establishment was authorized to sell marijuana. Lastly, the article mentioned a previous shooting incident in a different smoke shop in Harlem.