School Bus Driver Arrested for Hitting Grandmother

November 11, 2023 By admin Off

Queens school bus driver arrested for fatally striking grandmother

Queens school bus driver, Maria Marte, was cited by police for failing to yield to a pedestrian and exercising due care after fatally hitting 73-year-old Maria Rodriguez. Rodriguez was struck by the school bus while she was crossing the street in a crosswalk. The four children on the bus were unharmed and transferred to another bus for transportation to school. The Department of Education is cooperating with the NYPD during the investigation. According to family members, Rodriguez had just dropped off her granddaughters at school and was on her way to a nearby relative’s home when the tragic accident occurred. Maria Rodriguez was from the Bronx and had come to visit her children and granddaughters. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Maria Marte is expected to appear in Queens Criminal Court in the coming weeks to answer the charges against her.