Santos’ Voluntary Departure is Necessary, Avoiding Expulsion

November 29, 2023 By admin Off

Con(gress)man George Santos should leave office due to a legal case involving felony charges brought against him. His colleagues should follow the traditional protocol of the Congress and not expel him without a recommendation from the Ethics Committee or a criminal conviction. It would be better for Santos to resign voluntarily before the vote to expel him. By doing so, the House would prevent a grave error and uphold its integrity. Fellow New York frosh Dan Goldman, a respected lawyer, should adhere to normal procedures to avoid setting a dangerous precedent.

The anger towards Santos stems not from his alleged financial crimes, but from his dishonesty about his background, which has embarrassed Congress. The House should only expel members for extraordinary reasons such as being convicted of treason or joining the Confederacy, which does not apply to Santos. As for the Senate, expulsion has not occurred since the Civil War. House Speaker Mike Johnson has hinted at the possibility of Santos resigning, which would be the most dignified exit for him and the least damaging to the House’s reputation.