Regulating Motorized Two-Wheelers in New York: The Need for Legislation

November 12, 2023 By admin Off

E-bikes and sit-down scooters are causing problems in New York City. Complaints and reports of injuries related to these micromobility devices are on the rise. State and city legislators are proposing solutions to address the issue. Manhattan state Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal has introduced three bills to require licensing and registration of two-wheeled motorized vehicles used for commercial deliveries. Additionally, he has proposed bills to increase insurance and penalties for e-vehicle hit-and-runs. City Council member Bob Holden’s proposal would require all e-bikes to be registered through the city’s Department of Transportation, with possible enforcement through automated cameras and impounding by police. However, there are concerns about the effectiveness of these measures. The classification and regulations of e-bikes and mopeds are also confusing. Despite these challenges, it’s important to find a balance that protects vulnerable pedestrians while embracing new forms of transportation. Overall, it’s crucial to take action to address the issues caused by micromobility devices in the city.