Public Weighs in on Prison Vegan Meal Choices, White Supremacists, and President Trump’s Thanksgiving Message

November 25, 2023 By admin Off

The Federal Bureau of Prisons should adopt a healthier and more eco-friendly menu, according to a recent article. Currently, the Bureau does not consistently offer a vegan option to inmates who request it for religious or personal growth reasons. The article calls for the BOP to change its policy and provide a vegan option to reduce operational costs and promote the prisoners’ well-being. Studies also suggest that a vegan diet can reduce issues in prison and lower recidivism rates. Additionally, a vegan menu would position the BOP as a responsible organization that aims to reduce its environmental impact. The author recommends using funds from sources like the Inflation Reduction Act to cover the potentially higher costs of a vegan option. Finally, the article highlights the potential savings from reduced medical costs in the long run.