Public Opinion: Supreme Court Ethics, Hostage Deal, and Bull Riding – New York Daily News Readers Weigh In

November 24, 2023 By admin Off

The high court’s new set of ethics rules has been met with criticism over issues of clarity and integrity. A major concern is whether the rules apply retroactively, and the lack of clarity on this point is eroding trust in the Supreme Court’s accountability. Additionally, there is no clear rule against accepting gifts from individuals with business before the court, raising worries about potential conflicts of interest. Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the enforcement of these rules, as without a solid, independent system, they are just words on paper. It is crucial that these questions are addressed to maintain trust in our judicial system. Another issue is the prolonged and chaotic delays experienced by passengers on JetBlue flights, creating a nightmare travel experience. It is essential for these concerns to be acknowledged and resolved to ensure a smooth and reliable travel experience on JetBlue.