Playing for my Brother: The Motivation of Jace Avina

November 24, 2023 By admin Off

The New York Yankees traded Jake Bauers to the Brewers and acquired two outfield prospects, Jace Avina and Brian S├ínchez, in return. Avina, originally from Reno, Nevada, expressed excitement over joining the Yankees and revealed that his biggest motivator in his baseball career is his older brother, Austin, who has autism. Avina, who is the Brewers’ 29th-best prospect, is set to join the Yankees’ farm system and is focused on impressing his new team. Despite having to leave friends behind after the trade, he is eager for the new opportunity with the Yankees. The 20-year-old player is known for his ability to play all three outfield spots and his power at the plate, and he is working to improve his game with the support of the Yankees’ coaching staff.