Opportunity for Redemption: The Clean Slate Act Gives Second Chances to Convicted Individuals in New York

November 26, 2023 By admin Off

New York State passed a new law in 2017 that allows people with non-violent criminal records to have them sealed. The process to get records sealed is complicated and requires multiple steps, resulting in only a small percentage of people completing it. However, a new Clean Slate Act will automatically seal certain criminal records, providing a more efficient and fair system for former offenders. The Act was signed into law by Gov. Hochul and will take effect in 2024. The Act will seal misdemeanor convictions after three years and felony convictions after eight years, excluding violent offenses and sex crimes. The goal is to help individuals reintegrate into society without being held back by their past mistakes. The Act is similar to legislation passed in other states, and its success will be evaluated in the future to determine if any adjustments are needed.