Opinions on Netanyahu, Fake Sports Reporting and Grand Central Vacancies: A Reader’s Perspective

November 29, 2023 By admin Off

A despotic Israeli leader holds us all hostage Cleveland: Hear, oh Israel: Why do you make war on your brother Ishmael (also son of Abraham)? Why do you keep your brother in an open-air prison (Gaza), forcing him to despair? Why are you so preoccupied with killing your brother? Can’t Jews and Arabs live in peace? The peaceful removal of one man will solve this crisis. That man is Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. Hamas and Hezbollah are the direct result of his hate towards all Palestinians. As a citizen of and believer in democracy, I applaud the efforts of the Palestinian people. Their efforts are similar to what is happening in many other parts of the world. It is unfortunate that the U.S. compromised on its most fundamental values to protect its economic interests in the Middle East — something that happens all too often domestically as well. The Palestinian people should continue to defy Netanyahu’s powerful armed forces so that Palestinian democracy can thrive. It is not the Palestinian people attempting to expand Hamas and Hezbollah power, it is Netanyahu who has engaged in intimidation to prevent the will of the people — Palestinian and Israeli — from being heard. Why else would he stoop to such underhanded tactics to block various means of communication among the citizens of Palestine and Israel? Netanyahu has had more than 16 years to acknowledge Palestine and has failed. The days of his despotic regime are finally coming to an end as the desire for freedom continues to sweep Middle Eastern nations, including Israel. Netanyahu, you weasel, let Palestine go! How many kids will it be? The whole world is watching! Joe Bialek Misguided youth Fall River, Mass.: Re “Qns. students target a pro-Israel teacher” (Nov. 28): The rampaging students at Hamas High in Queens, formerly known as Hillcrest High School, obviously think it’s cool to hate Jews and Israel — which happens to have a sizable Arab population that does not live under a so-called apartheid rule of government. But facts are unimportant to these brainless juvies, who know they can get away with just about anything under the noses of teachers and principals. Charles Winokoor Brave educator Sedro-Woolley, Wash.: Clearly, New York schools need a curriculum with more history after that disgraceful pogrom attempt at Queens’ Hillcrest High School. I would teach about feminist and former public servant Lindsey Boylan. With great bravery, she used social media responsibly to build a posse to share the truth and enlisted allies like Attorney General Tish James, Alessandra Biaggi and campaign volunteers like me to stand together for America against autocratic bullies like Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo. As Boylan explains now, “Whenever news about or concerning my abuser arises, I am reminded I did exactly what I needed to do exactly when I needed to do it. That deep sense of knowing what’s right, it saved me. It still saves me.” That brave health teacher at Hillcrest High School is arguably another Boylan, racing heart-first into the danger zone, personifying what is right with America. Joe A. Kunzler Sanctuary state Fairfield, Conn.: I have to wonder if Ron DeSantis is going to charter a flight to Martha’s Vineyard for the Israeli refugees he welcomed to Florida. I guess we are coming up to an election year, and they’re the right color people. Stephen Johnson Sacrilege Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: To Voicer Michael P. O’Mahoney: I am appalled that my Roman Catholic beliefs are made into a questioning joke. I seldom see the beliefs of other religions written about in the Daily News in such a meant-to-be-laughable way. How dare you, Mr. O’Mahoney, disrespect the Roman Catholic faith. You may not be a believer, but your blatant disrespect is a perfect example of what’s wrong in our world today. Lynn Jurgensen Lower standard Whiting, N.J.: I’ve enjoyed Leonard Greene’s writing for many years, but in regard to the Charissa Thompson falderal, I think it’s a swing and a miss. It’s not like Thompson is a real sports journalist. At best, she’s filler and fluff. A minute after she finishes her report, I can’t remember a word she said, but I do remember how pretty she was. She shouldn’t even be mentioned in a conversation about real journalists like Lisa Salters, Pam Oliver or Suzy Kolber, all former athletes. The noise about Thompson reminds me a little of Capt. Renault in “Casablanca,” who says, “I’m shocked! Shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.” Daniel Tooker Case in point Brooklyn: In an ironic twist, Leonard Greene writes that white privilege allowed Charissa Thompson to keep her job as an Amazon sideline reporter after admitting to falsely quoting coaches in her reports. Greene maintains that journalists should never plagiarize or “make stuff up.” Yet, he made up his entire column. There’s no proof that Thompson’s whiteness had any bearing on the situation. He also speculates that Pam Oliver would have lost her job in the same situation — again, with no facts to back it up. How about a quote from the network as to why she’s been able to keep her job? John Flynn Out of view Brooklyn: You can make your house nicer by covering windows with a window privacy film to let in light while having privacy and no distractions. It is very affordable to buy on Amazon a roll of window privacy film that will help you to be more productive. It is very easy to apply and a very good investment. Shlomo Klein Property mismanagement Great Neck, L.I.: “Hungry for new stores, many vacancies at new Grand Central Madison transit hub” (Nov. 26) is a sad commentary on MTA Chairman Janno Lieber, the MTA Office of Capital Construction and MTA Real Estate in management of the Long Island Rail Road East Side Access to Grand Central Madison project. The original completion date was 2011. Full-time service began in February 2023. MTA Real Estate had years to find tenants for the 32 vacant storefronts. Now it promises to issue a request for proposals in early 2024 to find a master tenant to manage all of them. Commuters should be prepared to look at the artwork covering the storefronts until December 2024. Lieber should put out an RFP to hire a private real estate management firm. It would do a better job than MTA Real Estate. Larry Penner Disadvantaged voters Dayton, Ohio: The Daily News says, regarding stopping Donald Trump, “The Senate failed and the courts may not stop him. It’s up to voters to protect democracy” (“The Trump ballot battle,” editorial, Nov. 27). The Constitution is responsible for the U.S. Senate, where 25% of the population gets 60% of the seats and the Electoral College, which awarded Trump the election in 2016 although Hillary Clinton received more votes. Since the Constitution does not protect democracy, the Daily News is correct: It’s up to the voters to protect democracy — but that has always been the case. Vic Presutti Brain-storming Darien, Conn.: I am scared and worried about the power Donald Trump has in jail or out. All he has to do is say things and they occur. He ordered the attack on the Capitol and desired to physically join in. He vocally mentioned “get Pelosi” and there was a guy at her home with a hammer who used it on her husband’s head. The power that Trump commands with his voice is scary and must somehow be silenced, but I am unable to find a solution unless his mouth is covered. Dan Singer Worse alternative Bronx: Re “The Right against rights” (editorial, Nov. 26): Would you at the Daily News prefer putting the safety, security and fate of a people in the hands of far-left radicals? You have only to look at major cities in America to understand the utter recklessness, devastation and incompetence of Democrats and the left and the ruination they have caused. And we see the ramifications of what unrestricted illegal immigration can lead to — a city in chaos and on the verge of insolvency. And to Voicer Bob Ory: You neglected to include Barron Trump in your deranged comments. Bob Pascarella