Opinions on Free Speech, Xi Jinping’s Visit, and NYPD Cuts: What Readers Have to Say

November 17, 2023 By admin Off

It is vital to recall that everyone has a limit to how far free speech can be exercised on campus. The Daily News Editorial Board expresses support for “free speech” on campus and argues that “even hateful words are protected” (“Keep speech free on campus,” Nov. 3). This sounds very enlightening and progressive. However, campuses are witnessing a surge in anti-Semitic hate speech. Thus, since this editorial applies to every group, how about anti-gay groups? Can they use slurs against campus gays and say, “God hates fags”? Furthermore, if the Ku Klux Klan decides to stage a rally on campus, can they display signs saying “Go back to Africa”? Or posters equating Black people to apes and displaying the euphemistic N-word? Nevertheless, it is quite evident that the Daily News would not even consider printing that word, but they would allow it as campus hate speech. Actually, just that word alone on a poster would instantly put an end to all the supposed free-speech rights of college administrators. They would personally take the sign-bearer to prison, all the while allowing the mob to assault him, all with absolute impunity. Therefore, let’s label this what it is: Your standpoint is prejudiced, fake progressive posturing and you are cognizant of it. Anti-Jewish and anti-white hate speech is permitted and even welcomed on campuses — and by the Daily News, which would not even cover most anti-Jewish, anti-white hate speech and incidents. However, consider holding an anti-gay, anti-BLM, or anti-Asian rally on a college campus, and your demand for free speech instantaneously disappears, which is where your editorial should go. Shame on these “halls of learning”. Colleges should nurture civil discourse and stand up against hate speech — all of it._ERG_MODEL_C.