Opinions on Cease-Fire Calls, Israel’s Hospital Claims, and Safe Injection Sites: A Reader’s Perspective

November 15, 2023 By admin Off

Peaceniks are speaking for the sake of peace and justice in various situations worldwide. But the question remains – who is actually listening? There is a notable absence of media coverage about war and struggles in several countries such as Yemen, and Sudan and South Sudan. Notably, there has been little to no coverage about the atrocities being committed in Nagorno-Karabakh. This lack of coverage is a disgraceful reality. The lack of resources for the opposition to violence is evident, despite the ceaseless efforts of peace and justice groups, many of whom remain devoted to resolving ongoing conflicts like the war in Ukraine and the conflicts in Israel/Palestine. These groups include the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Shalom Center, who distributed a letter, aiming for a cease-fire and advocating against further aggression. While a few groups continue to work towards peace in Ukraine, the media is failing to amplify their voices. There is an urgent need for wider media coverage of these global efforts to achieve peace. It’s time for the public to be informed about the tireless work of peace and justice groups so that their message can be heard and understood by more people.